Lungs Of The World

Everyone knows that forests are earth’s lungs. They  have been making oxygen without any excuse for all of us. At the same time forests also store carbon, diversity of species. We can use forests for goods such as timber, food or bioproducts. However every year about 20 million  hectares of forests was cut down for pleasure. You have to know that, some of you are sitting endangered creatures’s habitats right now. Deforestation is one of the most important problem for us. According to research forests are disappearing like greased lightning. Between 1990-2016 the world lost 502.000 square miles.

We have to stop every unnecessary construction immediately. Recently the news are show up about Olympos and Fethiye. Somehow, for investors got the planning permission by the government. That means investors can build what they want in this area. If we can stop every redundant building, we can save the world. Only 7 trees meet the oxygen requirement per person for one year. In addition to, we can save endangered animals if we build every structure without deforestation.

Protecting forests are one of the important duty for human being. If we don’t, no one does. If we don’t move, the nature move. Don’t forget, the nature always finds a way.

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